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Authentic Dishes to celebrate Sierra Leone Independence Day in 2024

5 Authentic Dishes to celebrate Sierra Leone Independence Day in 2024 So, Sierra Leone celebrates 63 years of independence on the 27th of April 2024! This beautiful nation represents our restaurant’s West African roots, so we plan to commemorate this milestone the best way we know how: with food! Keen to celebrate the tastes of […]

Where to find the Best African Restaurants in Abu Dhabi?

After the best places to find African food in Abu Dhabi? We’ve got you. Nowhere served the kind of food we grew up on when our restaurant journey started, so we are genuinely gassed about its growing presence within AD. Still, we’re often asked about other African/Caribbean spots besides us so we’ve put together some recommendations to […]

African or Caribbean food – Which is Best?


Since we opened in 2018, the two questions I have been asked regularly by guests are, “why do we have African and Caribbean food?” and “African food or Caribbean food: which is best?” I find these questions  questions particularly interesting as they harp back to experiences I had growing up. Ironically, I think the answer to the first question […]

Where can I get Plantains from Abu Dhabi?


“Where can I get plantains from in Abu Dhabi?” is a question we often get asked at the shop. It’s a straightforward question, we’re straightforward people so here’s is a straightforward answer … with a few caveats.  At WtoW, we provide fried plantain as a firm favourite on our menu. But if you want to cook […]

What a Journey..


When our journey started, there were no restaurants in Abu Dhabi offering the cuisine our family grew up on: Sierra Leonean, Trinidadian and Jamaican comfort food. At the time, we didn’t know whether this was because there was no demand for this type of food in the capital or whether no one had decided to […]