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9 West African Food Recipes To Try Again and Again

Struggling for meal ideas? After new staples in your diet? Well, these West African food recipes are undefeated. Scroll tru!

1. Jollof Rice

The central antagonist of the famed ‘Jollof Wars,’ this iconic West African dish consists of plain rice boiled in tomatoes, peppers and spices. We highly recommend having it alongside a portion of meat and the second entry on this list…

2. Plantain (Boiled or Fried)

Africans call it ‘plan-tain,’ Caribbeans argue its ‘plan-tin’ and Abu Dhabi residents say ‘Indian Banana’, but none question its taste. Whether boiled or fried, ripened or unripened, this vegan gem is the perfect side to almost any dish. We personally prefer ours served ripe and fried. 

Oh, and what do you call this dish when you’re African and Caribbean like we are? Just as long as the ‘plan-tain’ / ‘plan-tin’ is on our plate, we’ll call it anything.

3. Fufu

Another vegan staple of West African cuisine: a chewy dough made from mashed cassava and served with a flavourful soup. You’re supposed to eat it with your hands, but we won’t judge too much if you eat ours with cooking implements…

4. Pepper Soup

A soup generally combining salt, pepper, crayfish, chillies and meat. The authentic stuff apparently helps eliminate colds! Just like our Mama J’s Pepper Sauce – a great condiment alongside any food.

5. Meat Pie

Baked dough with a ‘sometimes veggie, sometimes meaty, always tasty’ filling. Very similar to ‘patties’ in Caribbean cuisine. Give ours a try here!

6. Awojoh Binch

Whilst this name is native to Sierra Leone, it is known by many other names across West Africa (Ghanaians call it ‘Red Red,’ for instance). A vegan dish consisting of black-eyed beans, herbs, tomatoes, peppers and palm oil. Normally served with a portion of plantain and/or yam. Our Awojoh Binch is great with rice, too!

7. Meat stew

An aromatic tomato base laced with herbs, spices and seasoned meat (ours consists of chicken!). Consume with rice and/or plantain for an authentic experience. Bangin.

8. Yam

A true staple of West African and vegan cuisine. Eaten either fried or boiled and served alongside stew or soup.

9. Puff Puff

Another one that transcends African boundaries; across the Caribbean, and especially in Jamaica, these fried dough balls are called dumplings or Johnny Cakes, with the sweeter version being called festivals. Perfect on their own or as a side. 

So, what do you think of our list? Any recipes that we’re missing? Let us know in the comments.

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