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African or Caribbean food – Which is Best?

Caribbean food
Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Since we opened in 2018, the two questions I have been asked regularly by guests are, “why do we have African and Caribbean food?” and “African food or Caribbean food: which is best?” I find these questions  questions particularly interesting as they harp back to experiences I had growing up. Ironically, I think the answer to the first question can also help explain the answer to the second question

Playground Rivalries Black Africans Vs Black Caribbeans

I am Black British. I grew up in the UK. Historically, Black Britons were categorised in to two, fairly broad, groups: Black Africans and Black Caribbeans. Ethnically, we Black Brits are a minority in the UK yet, when I was growing up, amongst certain groups, there were playground rivalries between Black Africans (mainly people of West African descent) and Black Caribbeans (mainly people of Jamaican descent): which group is best at running? Which group is best at maths? And, of course, which group does the best food? Jollof Rice or Rice&Peas? Festivals or Chin-Chin? Chicken Stew or Jerk Chicken? Now, for the running and maths question, I’m just not brave enough to embark on that answer (the fence I’m sitting on is rather comfortable, thank you). However, being a Black Brit whose mum is from Africa and dad is from the Caribbean, I feel a little more qualified to answer the food question and my answer is … they’re both BANGIN!!!!!! 

Happy Bellies

Growing up, our dinner plates were a mix of West African and Caribbean food: a little bit of Jollof rice and a little bit of rice and peas; a little bit of festivals and a little bit of chin-chin; a little bit of chicken stew and a little bit of Jerk chicken … and a WHHOOLLLEEEE lot of happy bellies.

Do it the West to West Way! 

At West to West, we cook the food we grew up eating, so when our guests ask, “African or Caribbean food: which is best?”, our response is always the same … have a bit of African and have a bit of Caribbean – do it the West to West way!

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