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Welcome to West to West Kitchen, your gateway to the vibrant flavors of West African cuisine restaurant in Abu Dhabi!

A Taste of West Africa

At West to West Kitchen, we’re bringing the vibrant flavours of West Africa to the UAE’s capital! Within our menu, we’ve included some of the best West African food dishes going; from the global icons like Jollof Rice and Fufu to Chicken Groundnut Stew and Awojoh Binch! And we’ve also created a fusion of traditional recipes and contemporary twists, just look at our West African Wrap range! You see, at our restaurant, we don’t think of what we cater as just being food. For us, it’s a celebration of our culture, community and the culinary distinction of West Africa. So whether you’re an old-school West African food-head or after something new, come and experience our cuisine for yourself!

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A Touch of West Africa

When you step into our restaurant in Abu Dhabi, you’ll be transported right to West Africa as you’re met with vibrant colours, lively music and a chilled atmosphere. And because we believe so much in creating memorable customer experiences, you’ll also be served with smiles from our great team. So, come and enjoy authentic West African food along with authentic West African vibes. You’ll not want to leave!

Experience the Ambiance

Our west african restaurant in Abu Dhabi is more than just a dining destination—it’s a celebration of African culture and hospitality. Step into our inviting space, adorned with vibrant colors and cultural accents, creating an ambiance that complements the richness of our cuisine. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a gathering with friends, [Restaurant Name] offers a welcoming environment for all.

African Club Experience

Join us beyond dining!  transforms into a lively African club in the evenings, offering music, dance, and an electrifying atmosphere. Embrace the rhythm of Africa while savoring our delectable dishes and signature cocktails at our African bar in Dubai.

Events and Reservations

Planning an event or looking to reserve a table? Allow us to elevate your occasions with the flavors of Africa. Contact us for reservations, private events, or catering services. Our dedicated team ensures that every visit to [Restaurant Name] is a memorable and delightful experience.

Visit Us

We mean it! We love welcoming new guests. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, our restaurant is easily accessible, and always ready to welcome you. So, whether you’re a West African food enthusiast or simply curious to explore the cuisine of The Motherland, we’ve got you. Book a table now – we look forward to serving you.

Connect with Us

Follow us on social media and become a part of our community! We’ll keep you updated on our latest West African-inspired offerings, special events, and promotions. Trust us, we’ll make it worth your while.