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Authentic Dishes to celebrate Sierra Leone Independence Day in 2024

5 Authentic Dishes to celebrate Sierra Leone Independence Day in 2024

So, Sierra Leone celebrates 63 years of independence on the 27th of April 2024! This beautiful nation represents our restaurant’s West African roots, so we plan to commemorate this milestone the best way we know how: with food! Keen to celebrate the tastes of Sweet Salone with us? Here are 5 essential, traditional recipes for you to indulge in.

Groundnut Stew
Colloquially known as ‘Granat Stew,’ this wholesome dish consists of a creamy, smooth peanut sauce ordinarily combined with chicken pieces. Popular across West Africa – and available in our restaurant! Oh, and we also serve a veggie alternative, too! 😉

Awojoh Binch

A quintessential Sierra Leonean meal that is well-known across West Africa , this vegan dish consists of black-eyed beans, herbs, tomatoes, peppers and palm oil. It’s normally served with a portion of plantain and/or yam. Our Awojoh Binch is great with rice, too!

Jollof Rice

We know what you’re asking yourself: ‘which West African nation is the real Jollof Rice OG?’ But let’s stay focused here (we’re loving off Sierra Leone, remember!?)! And on that note, SL J Rice is swit (delicious)! You are invited to try some of ours. 😁


Another classic staple of West African cuisine. This vegan dish consists of a starchy, chewy dough that can be eaten as a side with any West African stew or soup. Pair it with groundnut stew for an authentic Sierra Leonean experience.

Fried Plantain
No, they’re not bananas! They’re even better. Combining sweet with savoury, this vegan gem is the perfect side to almost any dish. Try ours but be warned: they are moorish. 

So there you have it: 5 Sierra Leonean dishes that are guaranteed to leave Yu Bele Don Ful (feeling satisfied). Which of these are you most keen to try? Are there any recommendations we’re missing that you’d love to see in our restaurant? Let us know in the comments section!

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