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Exploring Our Restaurant’s Jamaican Roots 

As a restaurant serving a fusion of West African and West Indian food, our cuisine derives a lot of inspiration and influence from Jamaica. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! In fact, we’re so proud of our Jamaican roots that we’re dedicating this blogpost to the mighty Jamrock. Enjoy!

Interesting Facts

Jamaica is the third largest island of the Caribbean and has a population size of more than 2.8million.

It’s motto is “Out of Many, One People” and is an ode to its multiracial roots. 

The name ‘Jamaica’ is of Taino origin and means ‘Land of Wood and Water.’ 🌴

Famous Traditions

Jamaicans looove Christmas. Expect loads of Black Cake and Sorrel, traditional Junkanoo festivals and large family gatherings!

A Dutch Pot is a staple in pretty much every Jamaican home – in fact, Jamaicans traditionally gift these to newlyweds, too! Good food = good marriage and all that! 

Image from: https://jamaicans.com/13-things-every-jamaican-household/#google_vignette courtesy of The Ms Fluffy

National Hero

Nanny of the Maroons is regarded by many as the Matriarch of Jamaica. After being sold into slavery as a child in Ghana and shipped to Jamaica, she eventually escaped and began leading the Leeward Maroons along with her brother. As Maroon leader she helped free and resettle almost 1000 slaves and was a thorn in the side of the British military. She is commemorated on the Jamaican $500 bill

Image Credits: Source | Fair use

Popular Dishes

Jerk Chicken: chicken pieces seasoned and marinated with Jerk spice. Whilst this Jamaican classic is tasty however prepared, you’ve got to have this charbroiled to experience it at its most authentic! It’s also the perfect pair to the next dish…

Rice and Peas: a delicious vegan dish consisting of white rice boiled with red kidney beans, herbs and coconut cream. It is not white rice prepared with garden peas. Don’t ever let these celebrity chefs fool you…🙄

Brown Stew Chicken: an aromatic stew consisting of chicken pieces seasoned with spices and herbs and marinated in ketchup and browning sauce. Another perfect partner to a bit of rice!

Oh, and Curry Goat, Patties, Plantains, Oxtail and Vegan Ital Stew all deserve honourable mentions (and are also served in our restaurant!) 

Jamaican Vegan Ital Stew

So how did we do? Anything we missed? Anything you’re curious to know more about? Let us know in the comments section!

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