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Where to find the Best African Restaurants in Abu Dhabi?

After the best places to find African food in Abu Dhabi? We’ve got you. Nowhere served the kind of food we grew up on when our restaurant journey started, so we are genuinely gassed about its growing presence within AD. Still, we’re often asked about other African/Caribbean spots besides us so we’ve put together some recommendations to help you get started. You’re welcome.

1. West to West Kitchen

We had to big up ourselves, right? Our Sierra-Leonean-Trinidadian-Jamaican fusion saw us recognised as WhatsOn Abu Dhabi’s ‘2021 Indie Restaurant of the Year‘ and has now gotten us shortlisted for TimeOut’s ‘Best Budget’ category. It would be our honour to show you why!

Location: Najda

Budget: $-$$

Recommended Dish: Vegan Sierra Leonean Awojoh Binch meal/ Jamaican Oxtail meal Vegetarian and/or vegan options: Both

2. Kitfo Restaurant

This fantastic Ethiopian spot prides itself on great food and great service (something we like to think we have in common!). Their expansive menu caters to a range of diets and appetites and provides great value-for-money. Win-win.

Location: Al Khalidiya

Budget: $-$$

Recommended Dish: Special Kitfo

Vegetarian and/or vegan options: Vegetarian

3. African Dishes Restaurant

They say that if you want an authentic food experience, eat with the locals. Well, African Dishes keeps its loyal Nigerian contingent very happy. They serve up a good ambience, too, so head over if you fancy chopping along to the sound of AfroBeats.

Location: Al Danah

Budget: $-$$

Recommended Dish: Catfish Pepper Soup

Vegetarian and/or vegan options: Vegetarian

4. Bonna Annee

Another Ethiopian entry makes this list (we’re here for it)! Bonna Annee provides an authentic dining experience that will transport you straight to the ‘Land of 13 Months of Sunshine.’ No wonder they’ made the prestigious ‘50 Best Discovery‘ shortlist.

Location: Al Zahiyah

Budget: $-$$

Recommended Dish: Bonna Annee Special

Vegetarian and/or vegan options: Both

5. Ting Irie

Having done their ‘ting’ in Dubai since 2016, the Ting Irie crew have finally set up shop in Abu Dhabi. And they’ve brought the vibes along with them, too. Located by Saadiyat beach, this is the perfect place for banging views and tunes. Plus – Rum Punch! ’Nuff said.

Location: Saadiyat Island

Budget: $$-$$$

Recommended Dish: Oxtail and Beans/ Jerk Glazed Ribs

Vegetarian and/or vegan options: Vegetarian

So, have you tried any of these places? What were your thoughts? Any other spots you’d recommend in Abu Dhabi? Share and comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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