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Wah Gwaan!? Ow di bodi?
Thanks for sharing your
contact details with us.

Wah Gwaan!? Ow di bodi? Thanks for sharing your
contact details with us.

We’re so glad to welcome you as a part of the West to West Fam!

As a token of our thanks, we want to provide you with an exclusive sign-up discount (more info on this further down 👇🏿)!

But before that, we also wanted to clarify what to expect from us going forward. Trust us, we’re not going to spam you. We’ll just get in touch from time to time to share something with you; a playlist suggestion, the odd recipe, an interesting read, a special offer… that sort of thing. Hopefully that’s cool with you! But if it isn’t, you are welcome to unsubscribe. We promise we won’t take (much) offence. 🙂


And now for your discount: enjoy a sweet 15% off our set meals when you use the code HAPPY15! Ts & Cs apply. Avail now by clicking the link below. We look forward to serving you. 🧑🏿‍🍳


West to West Kitchen

Terms & Conditions:

(1) Items included:

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Meal
Jamaican Jerk Wings Meal
Carnival Curry Goat Meal
Jamaican Oxtail Stew Meal
Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken Meal
West African Chicken Stew Meal
Sierra Leonean Chicken Groundnut Stew Meal
Caribbean Curried Shrimp Meal
Vegetable Groundnut Stew Meal
Vegan Sierra Leonean Awojoh Binch Meal
Vegan Caribbean Callaloo Meal
The Jerk Chicken Wrap Meal
The West African Wrap Meal
The Jamaican Wrap Meal
The Curry Goat Wrap Meal
Vegan West to West Awojoh Binch Wrap Meal

(2) Discount can only be redeemed on the website and dine-in

(3) Discount code can only be used once

(4) For guests who reside outside our delivery zone, Guests can place order online and pickup from the restaurant or mutually agreed location. (Additional delivery charges may apply.)