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When our journey started, there were no restaurants in Abu Dhabi offering the amazing Jamaican food that we grew up with. After opening our first pop-up stall in Yas Mall in 2018, flash forward just four years and the number of Jamaican restaurants in the capital is slowly increasing. This promising trend shows what we always suspected: there is definitely an appetite for our cuisine right here in the desert.


With Jerk chicken being one of Jamaica’s best known culinary exports, the inevitable question follows, ‘where is the best place to go for Jerk chicken in Abu Dhabi?’ and the answer is <insert drum roll> … sorry, we can’t answer that question for you … obvs! You guys are going to have to sample them all and then let us know. What we can say is, at West to West Kitchen, our family recipes and menu represent the food we grew up on: Jamaican, Trinidadian and Sierra Leonean home-cooked dishes. We invite you to have it how we did when were growing up … traditional Jerk chicken with Jamaican rice and peas or throwing it together with Sierra Leonean Jollof rice and see what you think. And who is to say a side of Jerk wings doesn’t go down well with Trinidadian Doubles? Instead of ‘where is the best place to go for Jamaican Jerk chicken in Abu Dhabi?’, maybe the question should be, ‘where is the best place to go for a mix of Jamaican, Trinidadian and Sierra Leonean food in Abu Dhabi? Now the answer to THAT question we can probably help you out with. 

Where do you think does the best Jerk chicken in the UAE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t worry, we have thick skins, if your answer isn’t WtoW we won’t be hurt … well, not much. 


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